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Accounting & Tax

Having more time to devote to your business is essential to its future. Shelton & Associates, CPA, PLLC offers a wide variety of accounting services to meet the financial needs of our clients.  It is often easier, quicker, and less costly than hiring personnel to handle these specialized functions.

Financial Statement Audits

Whether you own a business or on the board of a nonprofit organization accurate financial reports are critical in making the best decisions for the organization. Shelton & Associates, CPA, PLLC can help your organization with financial statement audits, reviews, and compilations.

Business Valuation

So you want to know what your business worth? Understanding the value of your business can be a critical consideration in both business and personal financial planning. Business owners may need valuations for a variety of purposes.  When it has to be accurate, Shelton & Associates, CPA, PLLC can help.

Business Consulting

So you want to take your business to the next level?  Thinking about hiring a CPA as a controller or CFO?  These positions can be extremely costly and most the time the business doesn’t need a full time person in these positions. Let our business advisors act as your company’s controller or CFO.

Medical & Dental Practices

Today’s medical and dental practices are faced with complex tax and financial issues. When it comes to your accounting and tax needs, you need a CPA that understands today’s tax environment and complicated business challenges. Shelton & Associates, CPA, PLLC not only recognizes what it means to work in a fast-paced atmosphere, but what it takes to help a practice succeed.

Forensic Accounting

One of the fastest growing specializations is forensic accounting. This is a direct result of the increase in fraud and compliance requirements. Forensic accounting is a combination of accounting, audits and investigation.

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